Dining table purchasing process.

We manufacture and supply dining tables. We also produce various dining sets and chairs of all shapes and sizes. Our quality, long lasting furniture pieces can come in a variety of woods. We build from quality oak and timber that has been used in furniture pieces for generations, we can supply hundreds of different styles, shapes and sizes of furniture so we’re sure we can make something to suit your needs.

Dining tables

Why buy from us?

We deliver the dining table right to your door and set it up for you, free of charge. We know customers would prefer to see their chosen dining table before they purchase, however, by removing the need to make display units for a showroom, we can make significant savings.

From these savings we can reduce the overall cost of our products and pass those savings onto you, the consumer.
These cost savings are what allow us to be ahead of the competition, we offer you, the customer the most amount of flexibility and protection when it comes to ordering online.

How long will delivery take?

Delivery usually takes 2 weeks. From the day we receive your order, we start putting the wood onto our state of the art CNC router cutting machine. We set out every piece of wood that we will need for the final construction. So for dining tables, we cut out the top panel, and all the legs. Then we send the pieces over to our in-house spray painting unit. There, all the pieces are sprayed and lacquered for the best finish. Then the pieces are set to dry, afterwards they are put together by our qualified & licensed carpenters here in the factory. That is why it can take so long from your order to having a brand new dining table in your home.

Do you receive many complaints?

We don’t receive any complaints about any of our dining tables. We try our very best to ensure that every customer is happy with their purchase. In fact, due to our low prices, we have been out the door with requests for kitchen tables, dining tables, and other domestic furniture pieces.