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We are dedicated to supplying you with quality dining tables and other dining furniture. We have an extensive catalogue full of products to ensure you can find something that suits your home. We offer a wide range of dining tables so you can be sure to find something perfect for your needs and budget.

We supply our sets with a selection of seating options. If you decide to purchase a set with 4 seats and three months later you need two more in the same style, they’ll be here waiting for your order.

The Benefits of Purchasing from Dining Tables Dublin

  • Quality: Our products are made from the same high-quality materials as those you can find anywhere else. We ensure that every dining set we receive is up to our quality control standards. Our dining tables are made by trusted quality manufactures who have been making furniture for years. The strong woods like oak and maple used to manufacture these high quality wooden furniture pieces look absolutely brilliant.
  • Savings: We get the best prices from our suppliers and pass them down to you. The difference in price between an off-the-shelf dining set and a custom made one made by a cabinet maker is massive; could very well exceed 1000%. So unless you have very specific requirements that no retail product can satisfy, your best bet is buying from a store like ours.
  • Convenience: Are you redecorating your home? Are you getting ready to head out to another furniture store, just to have whatever you purchase crumble in 2-3 years and you have to do it all over again? Not anymore. With Dining tables Dublin, you can order quality pieces that will last longer than anything you’ll find in an expensive showroom.

Dining Tables Ireland – Metal frame or Wooden frame?

There are a few differences between having a dining set with a wooden frame compared to a metal one. There are benefits of each, so we’ll go through each of the benefits here on our site to help you make the decision on which to choose.

  • Metal frame: A metal frame is a more modern choice. The problems with metal frames is that over the years they can start to squeak and creak, which means although they’ll still be fully functional, the squeaking may push a customer to want to purchase a new piece earlier than they should.
    The benefits of a metal frame are that they are incredibly sleek and modern. They can really be a statement piece of a modern dining room or kitchen. They can be topped with glass surfaces and in combination with some black leather chairs they are just premium.
  • Wooden frame: A wooden frame is a more traditional choice. The problems with wooden frames is that they can look out of place in a modern home. You must style your dining room around the wooden dining set. We recommend a wooden floor to accompany the wooden dining set.
    The benefits of a wooden frame is that they are classic. They are a traditional dining set and styled correctly, they will never go out of style. They can also last years without ever making as much as a creak. They are sturdy, strong pieces of furniture. 

What if it doesn’t match my kitchen?

If your kitchen table doesn’t match the rest of your furniture we guarantee that all of our products are 100% returnable. Our kitchen tables and chairs can easily be returned to our warehouse in Kylemore, industrial estate. We are so confident in the quality of our kitchen tables & chairs, and the excellent savings we provide the customer that we’re sure you’ll be 100% satisfied.

Looking for a new kitchen table?

Take a look at our products here on Diningtables.ie. We supply kitchen tables and kitchen chairs that look great and are the same high quality products you’ll find in store.

We offer a variety of products at all price points to ensure that you can find something that matches your style and budget. All of our kitchen tables come with a variety of kitchen chairs so you can customise everything to your space.

We guarantee that our kitchen tables are made from high quality materials and are the same as the stuff you’ll find in store, but for less. Because we don’t have to pay for an expensive storefront, we can take those savings and pass them directly onto you.

How long does it take to Deliver?

We aim to have our dining tables delivered between 1-3 weeks. We strive to make it closer to a single week, however we cannot ensure the speedy delivery from our suppliers. Once a product has been received by us, it can take a day for us to check that the product is up to our quality standards. After that, it can be shipped out at a time that is convenient for you.

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