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Dining tables are our speciality and we are dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest in dining sets. We offer our sets with a selection of seating options and we integrate timeless and modern designs alike. Take a look at our tables and you will likely find something that your family will love!

Dining tables come in various shapes, dimensions, designs and materials — also also very different price points. Some of them can be extended or come with extensible chairs as a space-saving measure for smaller homes.

A dining table is a must-have in every home, and if you are going to buy one, you should consider your options well. Check out the ones that you like and make sure the dimensions are adequate for the space that you have, and that you like the way it looks.

Dining Table Benefits

Your dining room is usually the hearth of your home. You need a spacious table and comfortable chairs to ensure that everyone in your family can enjoy a meal together in a cosy atmosphere. Luxurious dining table serve an additional purpose: they add class to your home even when not in use.

The dining tables we offer can seat anywhere from 2 to 8 people, and with the addition of benches or extra chairs this number can go even higher. You can put them in a corner or right in the middle of the room, and we have amazing options for both small and spacious houses. Our products are made from strong woods like oak and maple, stainless steel or aluminium and high quality tempered glass — and they are made to last.

If you own a designer home, you can also get a bespoke dining table from a cabinet maker which can be a very luxurious option and integrate materials that are less common with off-the-shelf tables, such as real marble or less common woods. If you're looking for something that's more within reach, we are confident in the quality of our product range and we have something for every budget.

We offer a variety of styles at all price points to ensure that you can find something that works for you. All of our kitchen tables come with matching chairs and other seating options, allowing for a stylish customisation of your space.

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Things to consider

  • The size of your family
    Buy a set that can seat everyone in the house, plus a couple of guests. Newly married couples in a small apartment can get away with one of our minimalist 2 or 4-chair dining tables, while bigger families with multiple kids might want to opt for a table accompanied by 4-6 chairs or 4 chairs and a bench. Most benches can comfortably fit 3 small kids or 2 adults.
  • Material type
    The main choice is Wood vs. Metal for the legs, and Wood vs. Glass for the top. A metal frame with glass top tends to be more office-like, while a table that's completely made of wood can be either traditional and ornate, or simple and cosy — perfect for a warm room design with soft colours. Our dining tables age well regardless of material so the choice is purely aesthetic.
  • Quality
    Most dining tables are made to last. As long as your table and chairs are well put together, there isn't much to go wrong. As stockists for a number of dining furniture suppliers, we are familiar with the common materials, shapes and assembly types. All the major European manufacturers are of comparable and high quality, and we hand pick our stock to match the latest trends and the best timeless designs.
  • Budget for the dining table
    There are a number of elements that will affect the shopping budget of a dining table or set. Sets with fewer chairs tend to be priced lower. Plain, minimalist designs are usually on the lower end of the price curve too while still being a perfect fit for all but the most elegant homes. If your budget and space allows, try getting a larger table with room to grow. Also, many landlords are looking to replace the dining furniture in their rental properties and need the most cost-effective option possible — in this case, you can go with one of our lower priced products.

Best Dining Tables and Chairs

A lot of homeowners' concerns when shopping for dining tables are centered around the design.

While you may have got your kitchen cabinets custom made and the walls custom painted, maybe a bespoke radiator cover in a matching colour (to see our radiator covers click here), chances are you will need to choose a dining table and chair set that's already available on the market.

This shouldn't worry you. With a vast range of products from different manufacturers it's almost guaranteed that you will find something that will blend in perfectly with the design of your dining room. We offer dining tables in white and off-white colours, cream, various tasteful greys, natural wood colours and we have options for matte, semi-glossy, high gloss or even tempered glass tops.

The same goes with the chairs — from solid lacquered woods to painted wood or metal, and limitless options in terms of cushioning and style. No matter the look you're after, we are sure to have something that would work beautifully for your home.

As always, safety comes first. We have tables with sturdy benches if your kids are at that age when meal time is play time.

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Quality Dining Chairs Range

When it comes to dining table chairs, we've got you covered. Ordering a dining table you won't have to think about ordering chairs as well, as all our sets are paired with stylishly-matched seating options.

However if you're looking to replace only the chairs in your current dining area, give us a call and we'll be able to source them for you.

  • Chair cushions and covers
    The more padded and soft the seat is, the more comfort it offers. All but our lowest priced or folding chairs come with ample cushioning to help you relax during your meal.
  • Leg shape
    We have sets where the chair legs match the style of the table legs perfectly, and we have options with the standard 4-leg setup as well as cantilevered designs.
  • Consider our dining benches
    Our dining benches can fit 3 small kids or 2 adults with no compromise on comfort.
  • Get at least 2 extra chairs
    Try to aim for a minimum of 6 chairs for a family of 4, or 4 chairs for a family of 2. When you have friends or family over you'll be thankful that you did it!

Keeping all our customers happy

  • Fiona

    Excellent service from DiningTables! The one they recommended me looks amazing in my kitchen.

    Everything is sturdy and well put together and I’ve had loads of compliments. It’s a great size without over filling the space and it was reasonably priced, I love it!

    Rated 5 out of 5
  • Gerry

    Saw the Hockley table in a store at a much higher price with no chairs or bench for the kids, so when I found it on DiningTables I was very happy.

    It's a beautiful set, looks stunning and we're extremely happy with it.

    Rated 5 out of 5
  • Nicola

    We got a fabulous set to cheer our kitchen up and it looks as though it has had a makeover! Delighted with it, and the cream chairs are gorgeous.

    Delivery to Cork was fast and they made us feel well looked after throughout the whole process. Thanks!

    Rated 5 out of 5
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