Repair My Home

Repair My Home services vary from simple home renovations to more complex ones. We offer extensions, garage renovations or simply redesigning a room.

The timeframe for projects that involve knocking down walls and extending them may increase the timeframe and involve more professionals. Consider the time for planning permissions and negotiations with architects.

Our team provides a wide range of services to make sure your electrics are set in place correctly, carpenters to assemble furniture and advise on the best solutions, painters and designers to create one of a kind projects. Our in house specialists make communication and planning between each other efficient.

We can offer our services for small projects such as fixing walls after leaks or other damage. Our sales representatives will be able to give you a detailed consultation over the phone. We often ask our clients to send photographs of the areas they want renovated to speed up the quotation process.

We are based in Dublin, easily accessible for a personal consultation where you can talk through your concerns and view paint samples. Our designers work efficiently and have an eye for detail always making sure that the measurements and other provided information is correct and up to date.

Our range of professionals is wide and will always assist you on any queries regarding your interior or exterior renovations.