Now taking large orders!

We recently took on a large order of items for a hotel in the Dublin city area. They needed to fit out all 186 rooms with reliable, identical furniture pieces, so they came to us.

As soon as we got the email we knew it would be a difficult task, our factory had not taken on an order of such quantity to date, usually delivering one time orders, such as bunkbeds.

Immediately we set to work, loading wood onto the CNC router in our factory in kylemore, park north. We had the machine running as much as possible, The CNC router is perfect for this type of job, as it can ensure that every piece of wood is cut perfectly every single time. This allows us to mass-produce identical furniture pieces, whether it’s a large dining table, or a set of 6 to 8 dining chairs.  This is incredibly important for our cliental, as if furniture is broken or lost, they need an exact replica, as every hotel room must have the same design.

We we’re contact in May through this website for a large order and if we could complete it. From there we had a series of meetings in our offices, where we sat down, discussed the requirements of the project, and came to a resolution that all parties could be satisfied with.

If you are interested in any large-scale furniture production or purchasing, feel free to contact us by our phone number or email here on the website. We try our best to include the client in every step of the process and meet our customer services standards.