Kitchen Table Review

We don’t only manufacture and supply dining tables. We also produce various kitchen tables and chairs for kitchens of all different shapes and sizes. Our kitchen tables are excellent long lasting quality furniture pieces, They can come with a variety of matching chairs. We can supply hundreds of different styles, shapes and sizes of furniture so we’re sure we can make something to suit your needs.

kitchen table

Every Kitchen Needs a Kitchen table. We supply a variety of tables and surfaces for your kitchen. Whether it’s a brand new kitchen, or you just need a change, a new table is exactly the thing to change up your home. We can supply them with a set of 4 or 6 chairs, So we can adapt to your needs. If you need more than 6 chairs, we can have that arranged too. We are fully dedicated to the Irish market with our factory based in kylemore, park north. `

Which Kitchen table is right for you?

There are so many shapes and styles, and so many to choose from. Which is the right choice for you? All of our kitchen tables are built from quality woods. However, We recommend taking full advantage of the excellent savings by using our website and purchase one of the more expensive pieces.

The savings you receive from ordering from use are doubled or quadrupled the more expensive the item. Because showrooms add cost to each item at a % of the final cost. So by increasing the amount being spent, you’re increasing the savings equal to the cost. More expensive pieces also improve in quality, the Higher the cost means the more varied and quality materials we can use with the product. If you want strong oak wood and timber, there’s a production cost to that. That’s why we recommend the high end pieces, however the cheaper products are just as capable of being ideal for your home.