Purchasing a New Dining Set?

For a long lasting, quality dining set look no further than diningtables.ie. A dining set is a lot more than just a table and a few chairs, It is a statement piece in your home. A quality dining set will be a distinct personal touch, turning your house into a home. All the furniture pieces you can find here on Diningtables.ie is 100% irish made and manufactured. We design, manufacture and fit every unique dining set in our factory situated in kylemore, Dublin.

dining set

We hire expert craftsmen and carpenters to ensure every piece of furniture is expertly crafted to our rigid requirements. We have a quality control procedure on every piece produced from our factory as we want to ensure that every piece is up to our quality standard. When you purchase dining sets from diningtables.ie, you’re guaranteed to get a perfect product.

Diningtable.ie deliver anywhere in the country. We’re completely dedicated to the Irish market, taking orders through our online payments system and dispatching products asap!

We supply a variety of dining tables and chairs that will make up a full ‘Dining set’. These can come with a set of 4 chairs, or a set of 6 chairs. If you require more than 6 chairs, we can easily supply you with more. The best part about our products is that they’re easily replaceable. If you damage a chair or two, you can easily order two more off of us and they’ll be at your front door within the week.

What if the Dining Set doesn’t look like the picture on your website?

If the product you receive doesn’t match the pictures or isn’t what you wanted, We guarantee that all of our products are 100% returnable. We are so confident in our products & savings we ensure that when you receive your dining set you’ll be more than happy.