Coffee Table – Best Coffee Tables in Dublin

A Coffee table can come in various different shapes and styles. There are a variety of colours, woods, materials, and finishes that you can choose from. We have a small collection of Coffee tables on the website here, but we can produce any type of coffee table you might need if you contact us.
coffee table
Coffee tables are long, low tables which are designed to be placed near or close to the couch. They are perfect for books, cups of tea and lamps. They often have coasters and a nice centerpiece. This makes them different from typical Kitchen tables as they are better suited for the sitting room.

Coffee tables can be made from any combination of material, Depending on whichever style you’re interested in. We have a wide range of coffee tables on offer, in various styles.

Modern: Modern designs are usually made from Glass and Metal. These materials give a sleek and refined look to your home. These can come in different sizes with up to two shelves. The cost of these is usually quite low as the materials are cheaper than most woods, like timber and oak.

Traditional: Traditional designs are made from wood. These are usually your standard table, four legs and a surface. Depending on the quality of the material, and the finish of the wood, they can be costly.

Modern Wood: These are a new category. In recent years it has been quite popular to have coffee tables that have the traditional quality wood, paired with the modern use of rails to install doors or storage containers. These are often costly due to the improved quality, style, and versatility they can bring to a small home.