Cabinet Maker

Custom made furniture ranges from private to commercial projects. Our cabinet makers can assemble any bespoke design for bathroom cabinetry, kitchen cabinetry and office storage cabinets.

When it comes to custom made furniture you will go through the process of design, finishes and fittings.

Designing a piece of furniture will require a general idea of a style you want to use and what you want to achieve with the available space. It is quite common that clients aim to expand their storage areas by freeing up the living space making it look bigger and brighter.

A style of your furniture will add character and as you will come up with ideas you will notice how it will begin to reflect your personality and preferences.

The finish process will include knobs, lights and paint. You can be creative with the choice of colour combining darks, whites and neutrals. Adding lights can visually increase space in glass cabinets by lighting up the background and making the glassware stand out.

Strips of LED lights are becoming popular to add to shelves above cabinets in living rooms or inside of wardrobes. Knobs and handles can have a striking effect with different types of metals and designs with an option to change them in the future.

When it comes to commercial projects we work with cabinetry for reception desks, shop storage and storage for exhibition stands at trade shows.

Personal project cabinet makers are always busy with kitchen cabinets, alcove units and storage for custom made bunk beds.

Our custom made furniture parts can be cut on a CNC router which is a computer programmed machine resulting in minimum error rate and delivers all our projects within a timeframe.